Portable Amateur Radio Club

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April 22nd

International Marconi Day

April 23rd

St Georges Day

May 13th and 14th

Cheddleton Flint Mill.  GB6CFM    Confirmed

May 20th 21st

Donative Farm from 10.00am    Confirmed

May  29th

Lichfield Bower       CANCELED

May 29th

New Venue for Bank Holiday Monday

Donative Farm from 10.00am

June 5th to 9th

Beaches On The Air   Tenby     Confirmed

June 17th and 18th

Museums On The Air at Amerton Railway   GB6AR    Confirmed

June 24th 25th

Cheddleton Mill       Confirmed

July 1st 2nd

Mablethorpe Beach  Change of Venue

July 8th

Pelsall Carnival    Confirmed

July 15th

Bolehall Manor    Cancelled

July 22nd

Pole Bank Long Mynd from 10 am  Confirmed

July 29th

Pole Bank Long Mynd from 10 am  Confirmed

July 30th

Pole Bank Long Mynd   Only if enough interested

August 5th

Bolehall Manor Club from 9:30am  Confirmed

August 12th

Walsall Fire Station Fun Day 10.00 to16.00  GB6WFS Confirmed

August 19th and 20th

Gwrych Castle near Abergele Confirmed

August  26th

Donative Farm 9.30am Confirmed

September 2nd and 3rd

SSB Field Day  at Donative Farm  Confirmed Link to Rules

September  9th

Chasewater from 9.30am      Confirmed

September 16th and 17th

Railways On The Air Amerton Railway  GB6AR   Confirmed

September 23rd and 24th

Huddlesford Heritage Gathering GB6HHG   Confirmed

September 30th

Chasewater             Confirmed

October 21st

Bolehall Manor Club    

October 28th

Chasewater             Confirmed

November 4th

Donative Farm          Confirmed

November 11th

Bolehall Manor Club

November 18th

Chasewater             Confirmed

December 8th

Christmas Meal  7:00pm for 7:30pm The Longwood, Fazeley

December 9th

Bolehall Manor Club

December 16th

Chasewater             Confirmed

December 19th

Mark Rider to give a talk on “Radio Interference” at Bolehall Manor

December 23rd

Donative Farm          Confirmed

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